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9th ~ Don't Trust Me~

[Black gloved fingers wiggle a little in a wave as he lounges in front of the camera, his death note set before him as he writes into it, updating it slightly] Hello, cuties and well, normal people. I see we have an influx of new people. If anyone is from my world do say hello!

William~ If you're there, do let me know so I can come visit. NnHee~ But then again I should already be able to know you're around. My body never forgets yours, not for a second. It's rude to keep a lady waiting~

After a hard day at work tidying this place up, I could use a little break! [The Old Noah Family house he's upkeeping doesn't take him long, he's just using the pity card] Won't someone come play with me? ♥

8th ~ Don't Trust Me ~ [Video]

[Grell rests against the branch of a tree, lounging in the warm sun of the late afternoon. He's finally waking up now that it's dimming. His body curls a bit, stretching out much like a cat and his black gloved fingers dig into the pillow with a bit of a rump wiggle]

Mm, that was such a good cat nap. [He paws with a curled hand at the video feed, nudging it closer so he can curl a bit around it with a purr of his own, rubbing his cheek against it~ The shinigami seems lazy with half lidded eyes. There's even a bit of a curl of hair as he rubs at it with a hand again much like a paw]

Nn, a little hungry now. Maybe for some warm milk~ ♥

[ooc: oh god he'll be acting just like Chershire Grell in the Ciel in Wonderland OVA of Kuroshitsuji]
[He meant to record this for only himself as a private video log but as usual it's broadcasted to the whole network]

I saw him again today.

I was out hunting a rabbit for Len-Len and he was there. In my forlorn haste I dropped it, but it was worth it. I'm not sure why he was there but he looked my way. Such eyes of pure crimson and hair silky black and smooth. My heart beat races and my breath hitches against my chest each time I see him. His beautiful skin and the way the sun kisses it tenderly. What fair chance that I was able to meet him before under the harsh servitude of my mistress. I care not that he is my enemy.

My sweet love. My dearest romeo. I long for the day that he'll be mine and he'll take me away to his mansion. But his master would never allow it lest we throw away our past and our vows for each other. But I am frightened for his determination is strong and what of his love? Is it or would it be naught for I, but for another?

I can never tell him how I feel~ My dearest romeo will never know tender brace of my hands nor the beat of my heart against his fingers. I will forever be stuck in this house, catering to the rooms without a penny of my own! My life is forfeit without him and my love is lost!

[ooc: Grell is cursed with Let the Bodices Hit the Floor. Practical Damsel in distress much like a star crossed lovers on opposite sides of a fued]

6th ~ Don't Trust Me ~ [Video]

This place certainly has a way of playing games on us. [He pouts, drawing a lazy finger along the edges of the screen] I still can’t find my darling little girl. Road hasn’t been home in a few days. To live within my cute vicious girl is a tragedy~!

But... [And to this Grell will grin delightfully, holding up a delicate wrist and to it attached a handcuff]

It does have it’s perks. To be strapped together with a handsome looking man suddenly is worth it! [He reaches out to grab an arm and tries to reign Rido Kuran onto screen, laughing gleefully] Oh, don’t be shy my darling Ri~do~sama~! Our story will be a beautiful one worth telling for years on end. The fabulous ideas I have for us~ Nnn, don’t be jealous, Sebas-chan, my love~ It’s only for a few days!

5th ~ Don't Trust Me ~ [Video]

The flowers. I have never seen such beautiful roses, not even in my lovely Sebastian's garden~! [He squirms on the spot in a small field of them and grips his arms, looking like he's positively going to burst. He can hardly contain the energy as he flops down into them, scenting a few]

And so unique. There is nothing like the smell of a fresh rose, but how odd, it doesn't smell like it! I think I'll pick out a few to bring home with me, my little mistress. At least the ones that smell like cupcakes~!

Oooh~ maybe a few red ones just for looks. [He picks up a black rose and grins. Death is a unique scent and he enjoys it]

4th ~ Don't Trust Me ~ [Video]

[Small hands push up rather large glasses on his face. His jacket doesn't fit him anymore as he sits there in rolled up pants and a long shirt. Large greenish amber eyes blink into the device. Little shark teeth barely are seen as his mouth opens in a bit of surprise.]

I think I'm lost. I'm not suppose to be here. I was trying to get home but this - [He blinks off into the distance and gets up, clomping towards a window] Ooooh, candy~

[The tiniest reaper keeps getting lost because he keeps getting hurt or distracted. The child like mind is taking over and his tiny body isn't use to taking so many bumps and bruises. He has scraped knees and frazzled hair. He doesn't even mind that he's dirty!]
[Grell had been out in the middle of the night, halfway through his trek back home when he suddenly found his graceful, beautiful and elegant body teetering forward and the world had suddenly grown at least five times its size. Discovering his body was now a reddish orange cat, he had spent the better part of the morning just learning how to walk on four legs instead of two.

His sense of direction was thrown off by the allure of smells invading his nose and communicating for help was beyond useless as the only thing that came out was a very desperate sounding meow. Grell was insulted, having to carry the damn communication device in his mouth!! Stomach growling for food, he nearly drooled at the smell of food coming from one of the window shops. Mouth agape the device clatters to the ground, skidding a bit.

His paws hastily try to pick it up when it turns on, forgetting how soft and useless they are. It slipped and hit the ground a few more times and when he managed to steady and it and peer with those amber eyes of his into the feed, his ears flattened. At least no one would recognize him.

[ooc; Due to the grab bag weekend I'm sticking Grell in a cat body for two days. Feel free to interact with in action post style or anything else I'm up for too! Knowing him he's probably dropped the thing a million times now]
[Roses are the first glimpse anyone gets before they simply slide away. It seems Grell managed to get his hands on one of the fine dresses. He's not exactly going to say how but there is no way he's trying that again. He'll have to earn everything else from now on. There's humming until that red dress slides away fully.

Congradulations, because now there is a somewhat half naked Grell on the feed and he's slipping into it. Thankfully one can only see waist up. Over his shoulder, he'll peek at the little red light that lets him know it's working.
] Oh~ what a naughty boy you've been. I shouldn't have been so rough on throwing you onto the bed hmmm~.

Hello, City~ Do you like my new dress? Upon hearing of this ball I couldn't help but acquire a new dress. [He winks lightly, showing a bit of leg as he leans onto the bed] Sebast-chan, I won't take no for an answer. You are taking me, right?
[The view lopsides and turns upward until a grinning face peers into it. He's somewhere quite high. That is until the view juts around back and forth. He's obviously waving it around] If this is anyone's they better claim it now~

[He'll pause and then lower it back down, those long shark teeth looking pearly whites gleaming] Not that I plan to give this back anyways.

NnHnn... Is someone watching me? William, is this some kind of joke? A new assignment perhaps? W-William? He really did leave me here by myself. How cruel~ ♥ Well, my darling, whoever is watching me, do introduce yourself. Would you leave such a lady all by herself? I won't bite.

[Wink~♥] I promise?